by The Overmind

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released January 26, 2015

Debut EP "Dissolution"

Vocals - Wojtek Starzak
Guitar - Jethro May
Guitar - Deven Phillips
Drums - Brynn Huxtable

Recorded by The Overmind

Mixed and Mastered by Byron Dunwoody

Album art by Mindrape Art



all rights reserved


The Overmind South Africa

South African Death Metal.

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Track Name: Descent Protocol
We had depleted our world,
Mankind looked to the stars,
For a forgiving answer.

Across the void of open space,
Monarchy Mining vessels search for candidates,
To prospect resources for humanity,
To Thrive

A host for boring has been ascertained,
unto the planet we move at lightspeed,
Terra forming orbital Ring has deployed,
Down to the surface the corsairs have gone,
To scout around for a force of resistance,
Negative, execute descent protocol

Gravity Lifts,
Convey troops to the ground,
Emit a pulsating sound,
Beneath the crust,
A violent essence stirs,
Unfathomed Hordes,
Prepare themselves to emerge.

To the ships,
Don' t look back,
Ranger squads,
Flank the left,
retreat from,
this Corpse filled ground,

Perishing in their droves,
Laying down their worthless lives,
Unable to conquer this,
Alien world...

Procreating their demise.
Track Name: Blueprint Bioforms
New presence felt,
Resonance from above,
Awaken cluster guardians,
Forward we surge,
Intrusion shall be purged,
Stricken from this foreshadowing world,
Flesh-encased scum,
You shall succumb,
To the blades of a scythe,
Wrak-Thali spawn,
Go forth to war,
And revel in their blood this night,

We pulse as one,
Limitless in numbers is the voracious swarm,
We pulse as one,
Progeny erupted from the lifeless host

Razorred Carapace,
Broodlings are concisely made,
Toxic spines mutate,
Fleshlings, they will mutilate,
Armored Exoshells,
None can pierce or penetrate,
Blueprint Bioforms,
Created to exterminate.

Track Name: I Wade Through Endless Corpses
On foot I trudge,
Through the unrelenting throng,
Remnants of past events torment
Horizons of putrescent shrouds,
Until I reach this perdition's end

I wade through endless corpses

Knee Deep,
Solace in Hellfire,
Knee Deep,
I wade through endless corpses,
Knee Deep,
Boundless Annihilation,
Knee Deep,
I wade through endless corpses,

Blood Camouflaged,
Watching from far beyond,
As crafts of foreign origin,
Harvest the dead with Hulking Mechs,
The reappropriation of necrotic flesh
Track Name: Null Void Eidolons
Belched from a rift,
Products of An Astral Mutation,
Hybridized where magic and science are one,
Wrenched from their home,
Mental Harnesses enslave their thoughts,
Ruled by Necroghuist, the Vardugal

Supreme beings,
Consuming the stars,
Invalidate life.

Masked by the moons,
Darkness hides the Shadow Armada,
Research vessels conduct experiments,
Aimed to improve,
The efficiency levels of those,
Known as the Null Void Eidolons.

All shall succumb,
To the force of the umbral procession,
Cataclysm of galactic proportions,
Imminent Doom,
May be stayed, before it's too late,
By the Sovereign that hails from the nether realm.

Forced to ingest the essence,
To gain hereditary knowledge...