Descendants from an archaic period
Transfigured from outer world fragments
Their bodies rebuilt
Capabilities are endless
Restructured to undertake supreme orders
Traversing death the armada does not sleep

Resuscitated from a millennia of slumber
Awoken in a nebulous instant
Programmed for chaotic needs
Bodies butchered and mechanized
Creating an ethereal beast
Eyes open in a fervor of affliction

Shuddering in agony
All recollection is fleeting

Fueled by the paroxysm of memory
The price for immortality has been paid
Internal suffering with a hunger for decay
Feasting off planetary dust

The sudden realization of consciousness
Convulsing, the body’s necrotic evolution
Assimilation, parasitic, of what was once alive
The antithesis of existence.


from The Anthropic Principle, released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Overmind South Africa

South African Death Metal.

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