Intertemporal Retribution

from by The Overmind



Upon impact all humanity ceases to breathe.

We've known for years our masters covered the eyes of millions,
With a veil of deceit - religion and wars to keep the foolish fed,
As we look up to the sky the clouds part chaos reigns upon the weak.
Calls of the rapture are sung upon deaf ears,
Followers of futility now see who the real God is.

The cleansing process has begun,
Warp gates flooded with hostile craft,
Their inferior technologies failing to defend,
These towers of concrete and steel,
We are huddled within.

Infectious swarms tear through the corpses,
Plague drones sweeping the skies,
All around Mother Nature dies.
Have we as a race deserved this?

Your pain is meaningless now,
In this modern-day slavery,
Blinded by living free,
Our democracies are all hypocrisies.

The legions of intergalactic fleets massacring the young and the weak,
Humanity's future has not yet seemed as bleak - radio frequencies are corrupted,
With the sounds of an ancient tongue - nations are brought to their knees.
The siege has just begun.

We sewed our own demise through our illimitable greed.


from The Anthropic Principle, released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Overmind South Africa

South African Death Metal.

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