Departed from the dominion
Fleets arriving from warp drive

The planet has been analyzed
A progenitor of millennia, a feast in all its splendour
Fetid battle beings within nanoshells
Tactical formations form a halo above
Within an instant, corundum beams engage
Worldly crusts begin to waver
Ancient entities evaporate
Unaware they flee, the cowards!
Gravity dissipates as planetoid matter disintegrates

The seismic onslaught trembling the planetary system
Defiant resistance takes a stand in vain
Primitive armaments humiliated
Technologies of an inferior civilization
Implosion of the wormhole
Entire fleets swallowed
Hulls distorting
A fissure in the construct of time

The vacuum consumes all in its vicinity
Being pulled through the void
Thousands thrown into boundless oblivion
Computation of the outcomes was imprecise
Flung into an unknown dimension
Of gigantic gods, parasitic deities


from The Anthropic Principle, released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Overmind South Africa

South African Death Metal.

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