The Inquisitor [Feat. Dylan Gillies​-​Parsons of Gravemind]

from by The Overmind



Searching for advanced civilisations,
Combing the stars for sentient life.
A tainted orb in a black abyss,
Unaware of the incumbent horde.

A planet is discovered in a far-off system,
A course is plotted for Sol,
Visited by others eons ago.
The inhabitants were crafted
by the Primus Natura.

An ancient race intended to fabricate
a superior species to dominate.
What eventuated was malady
A bipedal malformity.

The ancient inquisitor,
prepares to descend.
Protocols are obeyed,
Blueprints are outlined.
Titanic form conveyed to Earth,
The god of the netherverse,
All creation bows before his might.

You are summoned to witness the rebirth,
A necromantic whisper told me,
We are far from grace,
So we must eradicate the human mistake

Callously existing without a care,
Pointless lives going nowhere,
The end seems so far away.

The essence of humanity,
so damn complacent.
A denial of reality...
No longer a possibility,
in the face of a new horizon.
An end to redundant beings.


from The Anthropic Principle, released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


The Overmind South Africa

South African Death Metal.

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